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8. října 2011 v 12:20 | W.
I don't have a many friends. I'm so shy because of bullying which change me forever. I decide that i'll start from beginning. I'm in first class on graphic middle school. Now, i have possibility fulfill my dreams. I want to lose weight (finally!), be pretty and try to learn a lot, cause in future i want live in Prague (LA is so unrealistic) and visit Paris, London, New York and most importantly Los Angeles. I want perfect style. I'm blogging many years, but last year much. Here on internet I found my soulmate, Mandy. And I hope we'll have a great future. I believe in it. Because we're like twins and i really like her because she really change my life! Genuinely. But I found here more amazing peoples which mean much to me :). My english isn't good but still I love this amazing language and I'll don't give up on this. What I love? Fashion, friends, tumblr, food, animals, nature, music... Of celebrity I love Ashley Tisdale (my n.1 star forever - i love her style,music), Miley Cyrus (she tells me don't give up on your dreams), Selena Gomez (her music is so full of energy and strenght), Taylor Momsen (I love he style) & more. Male - Logan Lerman (my version of perfect guy) and Justin Bieber.

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